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The area we service is Los Angeles and surrounding counties.

Velo Coffee is a great addition to any event/wedding/office party. We don't just set up a table, we bring the whole coffee trailer, adding that extra special look to your event. 




Catering includes our entire menu of espresso based drinks, our house syrups, nitro tea, nitro cold brew and evertyhing else in between.

Want freshly baked pastries? Velo works with local bakers to provide croissants, muffins, danishes, or anything else you want!



Check out the menu below to get the full listing of what is offered! 


We have the capacity to do 100+ people as well as smaller events. Most drinks are made to order and depending on the mix of drinks, we make about 50 drinks per hour or more. If all your attendees order quad shot lattes, thats going to take longer vs more nitro cold brew which is prepared in advance! We are fully energy independant and do not need an electrical hookup or run noisy polluting generators! 

Fill out the form below to get a quote! 

Fill this form out for a quote!
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