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Velo Coffee is a coffee company that started as an environmentally friendly mobile cafe that started in 2019 in Los Angeles on a coffee bike, committed to minimizing its carbon footprint. Velo, which means cycle in French, was fitting for a bike cafe. We quickly grew and upgraded to a coffee trailer! We were battery-powered and utilized minimal energy and served the Silver Lake community until we got the opportunity to grow into our new location.  We are now opening our first physical store in DTLA and are excited to bring that same philosophy to our store! 

Velo Coffee is owned and operated by Austin a barista who has worked in the coffee industry for years and his partner Michael who has diligently supported him through all the growing pains. He decided to venture off into a green alternative to serving coffee and bypass conventional methods of opening up a brick-and-mortar shop. Proof that even the little guy can get into the coffee business. Now we have finally grown into a shop!

Our goal and focus will be to create great quality coffee, as well as a place that truly cares for its team. We have all been there, working for shops or businesses where we felt dispensable and underpaid. We want to create an environment that is the exact opposite of the terrible experiences we have been in. 




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